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Simply put; a Learning Management System (LMS) it is the backbone of your organizations learning and e-learning strategy. It is the tool for building the learning environment and the entry point for students, teachers, and managers. A full-featured LMS can provide automated course catalogs, registration capabilities, access to e-learning courses, and resource management.

In addition to its many management features, a LMS adds a level of accountability as a training investment. While e-learning puts the power of learning at the user’s fingertips, it doesn't guarantee they will use it.

A LMS allows the tracking and assessment of learners through quizzes, forums, journals, and assignments, and provides the necessary feedback for course completion through detailed activity reports.

Learning Management Sample


LMS features:

Course listings

Course management

Teacher management

Student management

Resource management

Assessment, testing and progress reports

Student tracking and activity reports

Community Forums

Event Calendars

Much, much more!

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